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Custom Closets for Small Spaces

Order your very own Custom Closet or storage solution today! Contact us at 904-429-7118

Custom Closets:

Closet Pro Design:

Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions designs and installs custom closets for small spaces. Our highly experienced team measures the space to determine the best way your closet can fit, without taking up much space. 

With great attention to detail and a knack for perfectionism, we build the closet of your dreams. We also create efficient and cost-effective pantry storage. 

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to clients’ specific needs makes us one of the best storage solution companies in Saint Augustine. Contact us!

Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions designs, manufactures, and installs various types of custom closets for homeowners in Saint Augustine, Florida. 


Whether you’re looking for a whole wall of shelves for your shoe collection or stacked rods to hold your suits, our team can customize the closets accordingly. 


We also provide add-on features such as LED lighting and wardrobe doors and drawers. Above all, we’re dedicated to providing beautiful spacious closets that satisfy your storage needs.

Our Products and Services:

We Guarantee:


  • Customized Closet Design

  • 3D Previews

  • Closets

  • Cabinets

  • Bed movers

  • Personalized Closets

  • Excellent customer service

  • Fast delivery

  • Affordable prices

  • Efficient storage solutions

  • Stylish and space-saving beds

  • Saint Augustine

  • Jacksonville

  • Palm Coast

  • Call for out-of-area pricing


Contact us to learn more about our products and services!

We guarantee fast delivery and products within your budget.

Give Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions a call for custom closets suited for small spaces. Visit our showroom in Saint Augustine, Florida!


175 Cumberland Park 32095 Saint Augustine


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