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Tips and tricks!

Helpful tips we have learned over the years!

Protect Floors?

To help reduce the wear on your carpet while the Murphy Bed is in the down position we recommend using Furniture Coasters under the feet for protection!


Need Adjustability?

If the pre-drilled holes for the shelves don't meet your needs, you can drill holes to suit your preferences.

To do so:

  1. Use a 5mm or 1/4in drill bit to find the depth of the hole and mark it on the bit with some blue tape or a stopper to know how deep to go

  2. Then mark where you want your holes. 

    1. We recommend using a punch to help keep the drill bit from wandering.

  3. Drill the holes you need and place the shelf pegs into your new holes

  4. Finally, place shelf back on the pegs

  5. Clean Up!


Art in the Bed

If you would like to hang a piece of art in the bed cabinet we encourage it! something to remember is the picture can't be thicker than 2 inches.

Piston Panel Bed, White, Flat Panel, Queen, Open,jpeg.jpg

No Sliding on Cabinet

As tempting as it might be for kids to play and slide on Library Bed Slider Cabinets, we strongly discourage it as the cabinets are not designed for that. If a child does slide or play on the Sliding Cabinets then damage may occur and will not be covered under the Warranty.


Not Disney!

Please Remember that there should be NO Jumping on the bed. If jumping on the bed occurs then damage may take place to bed components and will not be covered under Warranty.

No Jumping-2.png

Remember the Middle

To Keep your Murphy Bed properly aligned we strongly encourage opening and closing the bed whilst standing in the middle. Raising and lowering the bed from any other position could cause the bed to come out of alignment making the bed not close or operate properly.


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