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Discover the latest addition to your ideal space.
Murphy Beds, because your guest deserves it!

Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions, Saint Augustine FL

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Making your living space a home 

Elegant and space saving solutions

Custom Murphy Beds

Create a convenient, functional, and flexible space with our custom or pre-built Murphy beds! Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions aims to ease your life by providing a bed that does not take much space.

Whether you live in a small apartment or looking for a bed for your guest room, Murphy beds are the best choice! Practical and easy to conceal, our beds are tailored to your specific needs and taste. Visit us!

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Storage Solutions

Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions is the answer to all your storage needs. We help homeowners organize their homes by adding beautifully crafted storage spaces such as custom shelving or pantries.

Our designing team ensures your kitchen, closet, garage, laundry room, or wardrobe looks elegant and that there’s enough space for everything and anything.


We create custom storage solutions with your specific requirements in mind and ensure you’re completely satisfied with the result.

Why choose us?

The price you see is the price you pay!

No markups here! Our prices are direct from our factory to you. We manufacture our beds to your specific needs and price point while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship. 


With our direct factory-to-customer pricing, we have No hidden promos, No hidden fees, and No hidden markups! Our prices and quality are the best! 

Personalized Beds

We consider your specific needs and taste to create custom beds, closets, and pantries.

Fast Delivery

We ensure excellent customer service and that you obtain your bed or closet as quickly as possible.

Factory Direct

We make all of our Murphy Beds here in our factory. Stop by and take a look at both our factory and show room!

Affordable Beds

Our custom Murphy beds and storage solutions are built per your specifications and within your budget.

Custom Storage

We provide custom storage solutions to help organize your closets, pantries, and laundry rooms.

We believe in quality storage solutions.

Bed Design 

With years of experience, Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions create high-quality space-saving beds according to each client’s needs and taste. We are family-owned and operated.

Murphy beds are especially great for small apartments, offices, guest rooms, or anyone looking to upgrade their home with an easy-to-organize bed.

With over 20 different grain colors and wood textures to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one. We also provide effective bed repairs.

Custom Closets

Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions designs and installs custom closets for small spaces. Our highly experienced team measures your closet and creates a product that complements and fits the space.


We build the closet of your dreams with great attention to detail and a knack for perfectionism. We also create efficient and cost-effective pantry storage.


Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to clients’ specific needs makes us one of the best storage solution companies in Saint Augustine. Contact us!

Flex Rooms

A flex room is an extra room in your home that you are not using as a bedroom. These spare rooms can be extremely versatile because you can customize them however you like to fit your family's lifestyle! 

Some Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions flex room solutions even give you the freedom to choose specific bonus options such as built-in desks or built-in storage and shelving systems! And the best part? You can easily repurpose the room as your needs change. Call now for more details!

Custom Pantry Storage

Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions provides affordable custom pantries and closet that fit your lifestyle and maximize your storage area.

You can design your pantry with specific items in mind. Whether you’re looking for short shelves to line up canned goods or more spacious ones to store large items, our team can do it for you.

Our custom pantry storage solutions provide maximum space and are perfect for organizing your food and appliances in an orderly manner.

Factory Made For you

Our Small locally owned independent factory is located off County Road 210 in Saint Augustine FL. We manufacture every bed we sell. Each bed is expertly crafted and meticulously inspected for the highest quality.


You are more than welcome to take a tour through our showroom and factory!


Contact Us

Our Murphy beds and custom storage solutions add value and convenience to your homes.

Visit our showroom in Saint Augustine, Florida today!

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